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3000 Series Column Cover

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200 Series Column Cover

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Architectural Column Covers

The Possibilities are Endless

Royalton Architectural Fabrication offers custom column covers for both indoor and outdoor use. We work with architects and building owners to fabricate our aluminum column covers to your exact specifications, always ensuring satisfaction with both the final look and durability of our product. We can create column covers which will enhance the look of any column for your upcoming project or existing property.

Our column covers are completely customizable. The choices are not simply circular or rectangular, but oblong or complex curvature can be incorporated as well. Choose from one of our standard vertical joint details or design your own. Whatever you choose, trust that Royalton Architectural Fabrication will deliver the highest quality product to match your exacting standards.

Architectural Column Cover Information

All Royaltech column covers can be referred to as custom column covers, due to the precision in manufacturing them. We can fabricate 1/4, 1/2, or 3/4 round columns to accommodate your specific design needs. Royalton Architectural Fabrication can also provide custom shapes.


7″ minimum radius
12′ maximum length
Heights exceeding 12′ can be achieved by sectioning, using a standard or custom
reveal system


Kynar 500®
Hylar 5000TM



Beautiful Custom Architectural Column Covers for Your Project

Arhictects, Building Owners & Installers: Use our Covers for Any Application

Royalton column covers are truly custom built. Our architectural covers can compliment all of your joinery systems and are available in lengths, shapes and diameters to fit your needs. We have a wide variety of reveals to accent and inspire your upcoming design or current structure.

Our aluminum architectural column covers allow for added design flexibility, functionality and aesthetic detail for any project, large or small. We can fabricate 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4 round columns to accommodate your specific design needs, as well as custom shapes. Please keep in mind that they are a cost-effective and elegant solution to cover exposed electrical, plumbing or data infrastructure in existing buildings.

Inspire Your Design. Update Your Building. Royalton Delivers.