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Composite Architectural Panels

Dream Your Design

Royalton Architectural Fabrication offers a wide variety of aluminum composite panels in a multitude of standard colors and finishes for you to choose from. For building owners, architects, general contractors or other installers, the design options are endless.

Our Aluminum Composite Panels provide a rich, custom fabricated appearance with extremely flat panels and smooth curves with bent corners and no exposed fasteners. Our finished composite panels have the rigid strength of composite cladding construction with excellent load bearing capacity. This means that the installed product looks fantastic and are built to last.

Applications for Aluminum Composite Panels

The composite panels are wonderful not only for new construction projects but for retro-fit projects to create a visually striking architectural component to fascias, soffits, parapet caps, column or beam covers and architectural signage. Keep in mind that you may be able to save your client money by suggesting a retro-fit project through the use of our aluminum composite panels… No demolition costs, limited disruption of the building and a beautiful end product.

Our aluminum composite panels are built to last and have a wide array of applications. From Hospitals and Office Buildings to Schools, Banks and Universities you can make a huge, visible impact by using the composite panels from Royalton Architectural Fabrication.

Looking for the best Composite Panel Fabrication in the Industry?

.125 Aluminum Architectural Panels

For Stunning Interior and Exterior Walls

Looking to fabricate a look for your next building that stands out? With our 1/8″ aluminum wall panels, architects have the ability to create inspired design that will thrill your clients. From simple and straightforward to complex and intricate, our experienced team at Royalton Architectural Fabrication will ensure high quality production for every project.

Our 1/8″ aluminum panels are extremely attractive, but moreover they are incredibly durable. Your clients will not experience any oil canning or sagging with our panels due to our reinforced riveting process which creates a rock-solid product made to withstand years of the toughest abuse. Your clients will find that our panels require almost no maintenance and are available in a wide variety of finishes.

Applications for Architural 1/8" Aluminum Plate Panels

You will find our .125 aluminum architectural panels in many commercial projects. Most notable are Airports, Medical Office Buildings, Hotels, Colleges and Universtities, Schools, Transit Stations, Bank Buildings, Government Facilities and Cultural Centers.

When you work with Royalton Architectural Fabrication, trust that you will receive architectural panels which are meticulously fabricated, durable and the best quality available for aluminum architectural panels.

The application for 1/8″ aluminum architectural panels is not limited strictly to the facade of a building. Use them for interior walls, ceilings, entrance ways or building cladding. Our design abilities allow for the architectural panels to be returned through sharp corners, complex panel shapes with multiple returns and curved surfaces or on column covers.

Royalton Architectural Fabricates Essentially ANY SHAPE Imaginable!


Material: composite 4mm & 6mm

Material width: 50″ and 62″
(for large project custom widths are available)

Material length: recommended up to 16′
(longer lengths subject to inquire)

Composite panels are light weight. The coil coated finish offers a twenty year paint warranty. You may choose your finish from the standard color chart, or custom paint is available, although certain minimum quantities apply. Royaltech composite panels can be insulated.


Material: solid aluminum, 1/8″ & 3/16″

Material width: 36″, 48″, 60″ and 72″

Material length: 144″ max


Aluminum panels give you flexibility in forming odd shapes to meet your custom designs. Because the aluminum panel is post painted you can choose from a large selection of colors. This is particularly advantageous for small jobs. Royaltech aluminum panels can be insulated.

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