Hairline Series Column Covers



Composite Column Covers:

Our Hairline Series Column Cover eliminates the typical 1/2″ joint spacing between column pieces.  The butt joint interlocks with a keyhole system, leaving a nice hairline joint.

  • Keyhole interlocking column pieces
  • 3/4″ Joint required at the top of to column for installation
  • Return depths only available in 2″

Round, square, or oblong column covers can be accommodated when the features specified below are kept in mind.


Product Features:

  • 7″ minimum radius
  • 12′ maximum length
  • Heights exceeding 12′ can be achieved by sectioning, using a standard or custom reveal system
  • Kynar 500®
  • Hylar 5000TM
  • Anodized
  • Composite

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Hairline Series Composite Column Cover: Download | View Online

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