Column 3000 Series Column Cover

3000 Column Cover


Composite Columns:

The 3000 Series column cover uses our 3000 Series extrusions to produce a more appealing joint line without caulking.  There are several options depending on installation needs and limitations, please see each detail.

  • Detail “A” uses our 3000 Series extrusion on both column halves, but will require exposed screws in the reveal joint to securely attach the double male column half.
  • Detail “B” is what we call a Fake 3000 Series Joint.  this allows the look of a recessed reveal joint without the extrusions or exposed fasteners.  Instead, we provide a 200A Series column cover with a 1/2″ reveal strip to adhere in the recessed caulk.

Round, oblong, and rectangular column covers can be accommodated with the features listed below in mind.


Product Features:

Sizes:  7″ Minimum Radius      |     12′ Maximum Length
Heights Exceeding 12′ can be made by sectioning with a standard or custom reveal.

Finishes:  Kynar 500®     |     Hylar 5000TM     |     Anodized

Material:  Composite


Product Links:

ROYALTECH 3000 Detail “A” Composite Column Cover: Download   |   View Online

ROYALTECH 3000 Detail “B” Composite Column Cover:    Download   |   View Online

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