Dayton Children’s Specialty Care Center





Location: Dayton, Ohio
Panel System: Royaltech 3000 Series
Project Size: 40,024 sq. ft.
Installer: Celina Glass Company Inc

One of our latest projects, Dayton Children’s Specialty Care Center.

Each year, Dayton Children’s Hospital sees more than 300,000 patients. In March 2023 the healthcare system expanded its footprint in southwest Ohio, opening its Specialty Care Center just steps away from the main hospital.

The exterior design of the new five-story,152,000-square-foot facility proudly bears the iconic look and signature style created for all Dayton Children’s medical facilities. Selected for its rich tones, Dayton Children’s Blue – a custom ALUCOBOND PLUS finish – features vibrant color-shifting elements that deliver shades of blue and green, depending on the lighting and time of day. Wide sections of faceted panels, allow observers to experience the full spectrum of color shifts as they move around the building, creating a dynamic and stunning appearance.

For years, Champlin Architecture has incorporated ALUCOBOND PLUS in its designs for Dayton Children’s.

“The Custom Dayton Children’s Blue panels made with ALUCOBOND PLUS – along with the Brushed and Sterling Silver – beautifully coordinate with the brick and curtain walls,” said David Glover, principal, Champlin Architecture. “The product provides a finished look that is modern and vivid, while also being easy to maintain, it’s a win-win.”

Just a few years before the Specialty Care Center was completed, an eight-story patient tower opened at the center of Dayton Children’s main campus. During construction of the tower, the healthcare system also underwent a rebranding with the goal of creating a distinctive, yet playful, look. The building, positioned along Rt. 4 — a main thoroughfare in Dayton — would be highly visible to drivers and therefore presented an opportunity to establish a strong regional presence.

To ensure they would meet their objectives, during construction Dayton Children’s leadership sanctioned a study on the visual interest of the building. As part of this, they ordered the fabrication and installation of a full-sized mock-up of an ALUCOBOND PLUS Dayton Children’s Blue panel. Then, as a team, the senior leadership held a unique meeting. Together in one vehicle, they drove back and forth on Rt. 4 to evaluate first-hand the future look of the Dayton Children’s brand. The choice was clear and the decision was overwhelmingly in favor of the eye-catching custom color, and faceted design, that is now known as Dayton Children’s Blue. 

·        Location                     Dayton, OH

·        Product                      Custom Dayton Children’s Blue, Brushed and Sterling Silver

·        Architect                    Champlin Architecture

·        Fabricator/Installer   Royalton Architectural Fabrication and Celina Glass